In the beginning…

I created this blog to share my journey of change and balance and the ups and downs that comes with a commitment to learning and discovery.  Three years ago I was given the gift of a personal coach who not only changed my life but introduced me to a whole world of spirituality that I was missing.  In the past year I have attained Reiki level 2, Healing Touch level 1, attended a shamanic workshop (with another coming in May), enrolled in Holistic Wellness coaching class (a year commitment) and attended various workshops on Ayurveda and the chakras.

If only I could do all of that full time, but alas I have a husband, a dog, and a full time job.  In 2014 I lost my job and immersed myself in my studies, but I found a new job in February of this year and am now knee deep in finding balance between my home life, work and the spiritual journey I am on.  I believe there are many out there who struggle with finding the time, energy and support they need to learn and grow.  I hope sharing my tug of war with balance will help others find inspiration to seek their dreams and know it ain’t always easy but it is SO rewarding.

I wrote this poem a few years ago after some breakthroughs in coaching and thought I would share:

The Realization

I have seen the light.

Not the sliver of light that comes when peering through a keyhole,

But the blinding illumination that is experienced when emerging from a movie theater on a sunny day.

I didn’t know I was in the dark.

My heart has been set free.

Not like the tiny bird that flutters from an open cage door,

But like the powerful racehorse that rockets through the starting gate at the sound of the bell.

I didn’t know that I was shackled.

My spirit has been awakened.

Not like the gentle nudge of a parent stirring a child,

But like the cacophony of a thunderclap on an otherwise still night.

I didn’t know I was asleep.

But now. Now I know.

I have realized the gift of

Life. Altering. Awareness.

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