Yesterday in the mail I received this beautiful buffalo rattle that I ordered from a Florida-based Native American man who makes them by hand.  I am so excited to have it for my upcoming trip to participate in a workshop called “Shamanic Extraction Healing Training” organized by The Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  I attended a workshop by the same Foundation in February, and I will explain why I am so glad to have my own rattle.

I didn’t quite know what to expect for my first shamanic workshop, entitled “Core Shamanism-Shamanic Healing-Shamanic Initiations”.  I have experienced the work of a shaman in my personal life coaching, and read the suggested books prior to the workshop, but I was still in the dark somewhat.  I thought there might be about 10-12 people there—imagine my surprise when it was more than double that!  

After pleasantries we moved into our first shamanic practice with the use of instruments.  I was flabbergasted when almost everyone pulled out a drum, rattle or flute.  I had no instrument and felt like a totally rookie.  Luckily the woman next to me didn’t have an instrument either, so as we were trying to figure out what to do, our workshop leader said, “If you don’t have an instrument, anything that makes noise will do”.  So the only thing I had was a half used bottle of ibuprofen, and the woman next to me had a canister of almonds.  You can bet we used those “instruments” for the entire weekend.  I was the drugstore shaman and she was the grocery store shaman.  Even better, on day two, the cap came off my bottle and half my pills went flying, so while everyone was drumming and rattling away I was crawling on the ground like Mr. Magoo looking for his glasses (for you young folks out there, ask your parents about Mr. Magoo).  Lastly, by the end of that weekend I had shaken all the brown coating off the pills and they ended up being a mottled brown and white.  

In the end, the workshop was amazing, I became friends with the “grocery store shaman”, and I left that workshop feeling like I was on top of the world.  In a few weeks I hope to have the same or even better experience–equipped like a pro this time.  

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