In my blog post from last Friday, I discussed the appearance of a bumble bee and its significance and encouraged all to keep their eyes open for an animal to cross their path. I kept my eyes open and the craziest thing happened.
Saturday afternoon it poured rain for several hours. But for a brief time in the afternoon it stopped and the sun actually came out for a bit. I was in conversation with others and happened to glance out the patio door. I suddenly saw a huge bird walking in the backyard and yelled out—what the heck is that? Everyone turned to look and guess what? It was a turkey! Our house is in a fairly urban area, with no farms nearby that I know of, so I was beyond surprised to see this regal bird just casually strutting through my backyard. Then I thought back to my blog and was sort of freaking out! So what does the appearance of a turkey mean in the animal spirit world? I consulted my trusty guide and it says:

“It’s important to transcend the focus on your own needs to consider the greater needs of the whole, such as your family, community, or world.
You’re about to receive a gift of some sort—material, spiritual, or intellectual—that could be anything from winning the lottery to a simple gift, such as witnessing a beautiful sunset.
Perform some kind act that honors the earth, whether a sacred ceremony or simply picking up some trash.
Volunteer your time in selfless service for some organization that you want to support.”​
Wow. That’s pretty cool. How does it all play out for me? These are just initial thoughts-things may still be brewing!
Transcend focus? My mom and dad were in town for the weekend, and we got to spend a lot of time doing things together, as well as seeing my brother and his family. My folks live out of town and my brother is crazy busy, so we don’t get together often.

Receive a gift? I am still waiting on this one, but it is pretty exciting! I thought it might mean I would win the split the pot from the Reds game that we attended (but was rained out), but that didn’t happen.
Perform an act? This intrigues me, so I want to do some research. However I was contemplating taking an online webinar series called “Rooting in the Landscape” by Shana Robinson that involves mediation, learning and direct experiences with the land. Could this be a sign to enroll?
Volunteer my time? This Saturday I am starting my volunteer work with a local hospital to bring Healing Touch to patients.

We are all part of this great planet and all its beings, so tune in and you will be amazed at what crosses YOUR path and what it might mean. If you have an amazing experience I would love to hear about it.

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