I wrote in my Blog on April 22, 2015 about my experience with meditating for 31 minutes and my commitment to get up early in the morning to do it. Well since that post I have only missed 2 days of meditating—not bad. I have instituted a new practice that post-meditation I draw a card from my nature-themed tarot deck. Today I drew this card:

I had no idea what it meant, but I believe “it was in the cards” (pun intended) for me to draw it because I was in almost the exact position of the woman in the card! I had just slid off my meditation chair and was kneeling next to my altar to draw the card. I had a candle burning next to me illuminating my hands just like her—but unlike the woman in the picture I did not have a snake nearby (lucky me). So I wondered what it means if a snake animal spirit appears. I pulled out my animal spirit guide and this is what it said:
“You’re about to go through some significant personal changes, so intense and dramatic that an old self will metaphorically die as a new self emerges.
You’re going to feel a surge of energy that will sharpen your senses, alert your mental faculties, and open up new channels of awareness.
You’re about to resolve a long-standing issue, one that has required a great deal of your attention, by seeing things in a new light.
It would be a good time for you to start doing either tantric or kundalini yoga.
You’ll experience a dramatic and unexpected physical or emotional healing very soon, coming from an unexpected source.”
Very interesting! I have an appointment with my personal life coach tonight and she said on our last call that we would be doing some deep work clearing blockages, and that I should consider what those might be. I haven’t settled on just one yet, but it seems whatever one I choose could create a dramatic shift. I guess that also plays into the third item about resolving a long-standing issue, and maybe even the last one about a healing. It all bodes well for my session tonight!
I have to say that the meditation and yoga I have been doing in the mornings has provided more energy (not sure about the “surge” though) and sharper senses (especially smell). I am still waiting for the mental faculties to become more alert, but now I am hopeful they will. And I especially like the new channels of awareness (see name of blog as to why).
Tantric or kundalini yoga? Coincidentally (or not?) my Yoga Training/Holistic Coaching instructor is a kundalini teacher and devotee, and provides classes at her studios. Perhaps it will be part of my new self that is to emerge? I wonder about it because when I was discussing kundalini yoga with my friend who is a yoga instructor, she just snickered and said she looked forward to hearing about my experience. What’s that all about, I wonder?
It seems I am on the precipice of major change. I am ready—let the magic begin!

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