It is a gorgeous day, and I had to get outside. I was inspired to write this poem. Enjoy!

Nature’s House

As I sit gazing out the window, I decide it is time to pay a visit.
A visit to nature’s house.
I drive down the road already feeling the burdens being lifted
In anticipation of my visit.
I arrive to a thousand hands waving hello.
The leaves welcome me to their house and ask me to sit down,
Stay as long as I like.
I recline back and see an elegant blue sky,
One not even the clouds choose to interrupt.
Against that the mighty trees sway to their own soundtrack.
Two squirrels play tag, while the birds are deep in conversation.
A tweet here, a whistle there, songs all around me.
Ants big and small are traveling with a determined destination.
Bees buzz, and flies fly and even the spiders come out to say hi.
Nature’s house is a busy place!
But the best part about nature’s house is that amidst all the hubbub
I am still. I am at peace.
As I stand to leave the thousand hands wave again, as if to say
Thanks for coming, don’t be a stranger.
I touch a tree on my way out, connect for a few moments.
Thanks for having me, I say, I will see you again soon.

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