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In honor of World Oceans Day on Monday, I am sticking with my theme of water this week. Today I am very pleased to relay the launch of the Sea Change Design Institute, I have referred several times in my blogs to my life coach, and she is the brains, heart and spirit behind this amazing institute. Lauralee Alben has been my life coach for over 3 years and has literally changed my life through her Sea Change Design process. I highly encourage you to visit the site, read about the institute and relish the imagery and beauty contained within.
I could write for hours on the ways the Sea Change process has impacted my life, but a few tidbits will have to suffice here. I can honestly say that I would not be writing this blog today, nor would it be titled LifeAlteringAwareness, had it not been for Lauralee and the work we did and continue to do. For the first year of coaching we dove deep (pun intended) into the Sea Change process, which involved serious soul searching and heart wrenching work that transformed the way I interact with myself, other people and the planet. It led me to discover I had a creative side, and I began to write poetry and paint. It began my spiritual journey, although at the beginning I could not name it as such. It was her coaching that exposed me to shamanism and ignited my passion to continue my own studies in shamanism. Coaching started as a way for me to be a better manager at my firm, but ended up being SO much more.
I can only hope one day to pay forward the gift I received and help others as she has helped me. If you are interested in the process, I encourage you to attend the Sea Change Design Institute’s seminar entitled Designing A Self Worth Celebrating, in Santa Cruz, California, September 12-13, 2015. I will guarantee you it will be money well spent. More information can be found on their website.
Lauralee is also a very talented poet, and I share one of them below (from the website):
Pescadero Beach
I have spent the golden hour watching the sun
light up the salty spray rolling off the backs of waves
as if they are horses’ manes unfurling in fury.
Here, there are endless herds galloping towards shore.
Row after row, their wet heads curl and bow to the beach,
their blue bodies arch and swell as their hoofs meet sand,
Frothing white frenzy they thunder forward
in their quest to lick the land.
Offshore, I spy the spouts of a pod of whales
on their marathon migration from Baja to the Bering Sea.
Their syncopated signals make a vertical counterpoint
to the horizontal advance at water’s edge.
The denizens of the deep move so majestically,
their glides generous and deliberate, their course constant
as they keep time with the seasons.
That’s what’s so miraculous, really.

The ocean never stops moving.
Not the water nor the life within it.
Imagine if our prayers were as pelagic,
as unceasing, as fervent.

If you are looking to start your journey of “life altering awareness”, the Sea Change Design Institute is the perfect place. Dive in!

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