Planets, past and potential

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I am a sucker for horoscopes. And I am schooling myself in the planets, where they are, what they are doing and what it could mean for me. I belong to a community who appreciates all this stuff, and occasionally I will see a post about this very topic and I eagerly gobble it up. So today I ran across this item from regarding today, June 22:
“Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus in Aries
When major players line up like this we want to be able to capture the energy. These two most definitely want to help us muster up the courage to do our thing. This aspect can help us refuse to be complacent in our lives any longer while at the same time granting us with the auspiciousness needed to accomplish great tasks. Look back and take note of what occurred in September 2014 that may have had you venturing into unchartered waters and begging you to be more willing to move with courage through seemingly impossible situations. That was the last time that Jupiter in Leo made a trine to Uranus in Aries. This trine is the completion of that one and there will not be another for quite some time. Therefore this can be the final kick in the pants you’ve been looking for. This can light the spark within you to inspire forward action. Breaking free just got a little easier.”

I have been receiving a lot of messages through various channels to do my thing, move forward, realize what I TRULY want to do in my time on this side of the dirt. But what really nabbed me in this was the request to look back at September 2014, unchartered waters, moving with courage, etc. What was happening in my life then?
What happened was my work life had turned completely upside down. Where once I was an integral part of a cohesive team, I was now purposefully isolated. Where once I was surrounded by like-minded individuals creating something new and exciting, I was now adrift as the direction of the firm was completely rerouted. My mentor had left, others I respected were fired, and things were beyond dire. I remember clearly thinking every morning how much I dreaded going into work, that just to step through the doorway left my soul aching. I think that qualifies as unchartered waters and definitely a seemingly impossible situation. It was one of the hardest things I have ever experienced in my entire life. That was then, how about now?
The situation did beg me to be more willing to move with courage. I leaned on those I trusted. I cried. I wrote poetry. I showed up every day with my integrity intact, my professionalism at its highest, and I did what I was asked to do—until I was asked to leave. I was fired. And you know what? I was relieved. The seeming impossible situation was over, but I still had some issues to work through. I dedicated myself to healing, which led me to my current journey. One that includes meditation, yoga, shamanism, Reiki, Healing Touch and a new community of people that are supportive and fun. I also have a new job at a great company that truly cares for its employees. I made it.
So now I am going to concentrate on the other aspects of this planetary situation—capturing energy, courage to do MY thing, refusing complacency and accomplishing great tasks. I can feel the momentum building. Are you with me?

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