heart band aid

It seems that whenever I am sad I write poetry.  A few years ago a good friend lost a loved one, and I wrote a poem for him.  Well this weekend a great friend lost his dad unexpectedly, and I resurrected the poem to help him begin the healing process when he is ready.  This is for anyone who has experienced loss and needs to start or continue their healing process.

Pieces to Whole


Pieces of my heart were scattered on the ground

Like leaves blown from a tree on a blustery autumn day.

I was afraid those pieces would be whisked away by another gust

So I kneeled down and collected as many as I could.

When my hands were full I stood up, closed my eyes,

And waited for the wind to take the other pieces away.

But the wind never came. It was still. And calm.

I opened my eyes and looked down at my hands.

The brown brittle pieces were the most magnificent shade of crimson

And had fused into an open vessel.

I gazed at the pieces of my heart that still surrounded me and they too

Had turned from brown to a vibrant shade of red.

And they radiated warmth.

But there were so many left. I gazed skyward and asked,

“How am I going to collect all these pieces?”

When my eyes cast down I saw my heart pieces were no longer on the floor.

Each one was being cradled in the hands of a loved one.

Many came forward to add their piece to the fused foundation in my hand,

But others remained rooted in their spot.

Again, I gazed skyward and asked,

“Why isn’t everyone rushing to bring the pieces of my heart back to me?”

And like the sun coming from behind a cloud an answer washed over me—Time.

Over time these pieces would be brought back to me. At the right time, just when I needed them.

It was then that I understood:

My heart would be rebuilt over time, surrounded by love.

I would once again be whole-hearted.

I was at peace.

-Julie Seifert

February 2013

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