I had the privilege of connecting with some old friends this weekend that I don’t see very often. Most of us used to work together, but that is no longer the case. My friend’s father passed away and we gathered to offer our support and listen to wonderful stories about his life and what he meant to his family. It reminded me that true friends are there for you no matter what, and always in your time of need. This poem is for you.
Truest of the True
My dear friend,
Life is so sad right now.
Your dad has passed,
But his presence can still be felt.
Time will heal, and you know I am
Here for you.
My dear friend,
You saved me from a frightful encounter
With an old demon
Steered me in the other direction
And kept me occupied until the coast was clear.
Thank you.
My dear friend,
It was a joy to see your sweet child,
To catch up on life
And talk about things that make us happy.
Separated on the same day,
It is amazing to see how far we have come.
My dear friend,
And your dear wife,
My west side connection with hearts of gold.
I look forward to the next time
we can all get together.
First round is on me.
My dear friend,
My husband,
Who created memories with me
This weekend
And who I could not live without.
I cannot wipe the smile from my face.
To all my dear friends,
My heart is full of gratitude,
Each of you brings your own
Unique gifts to my life.
You are more precious than you know,
The truest of the true.

-Julie Seifert

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