Looking for a change? Try making over your surroundings

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“Time for a cool change”

-Little River Band

I was restless for a little change in my life that didn’t necessitate deep soul searching or massive amounts of meditation, so I went old school – I redecorated my master bedroom.

When I was a kid, my mom was always rearranging the furniture and hanging new pictures, and she took a lot of pride in her home.  Well this apple did not fall from the tree because I love decorating and redecorating my home, and I really love repurposing things that I already own.

I decided on a color theme of grey, black and red, not because my husband is an Ohio State Buckeyes fan, but because we own 2 really cool pieces of art that color.  Our bedroom is quite large, and we needed a new piece of furniture on the one side of the bed so I bought a $39 bookcase at Target, and to go on the new bookcase and the existing desk I bought 2 new lamps (I splurged on those a little, but they were really cool–chunky, glass bottoms with grey shades).

So as soon as I got home I unloaded my treasures and started stripping the bed of the blue comforter and taking down all the existing hodge podge of art to start from scratch.  An $18 black dust ruffle and a black repurposed black quilt went on the bed.  I put together the espresso bookcase and popped in the red and grey patterned bins.  It was starting to come together.  I got the lamps hooked up to go on with the light switch and set them in place.  Not bad.

I knew in the basement I had a black and white framed picture of the ocean so I went down to get it.  I startled to rifle through the pictures in the storage room and lo and behold–2 silver framed pictures with red in them that I used to have in the dining room.  Score!  I also found another silver framed picture that I liked and a silver bulletin board with a unique shape.  I hauled them all upstairs, giddy with delight.

Never mind that I was sweating buckets after struggling with the bedskirt and sheets, then putting together the bookcase, I was on a roll!  My husband helped me position the ocean picture in between the 2 red pictures I found, and they were perfect above the bed.  The inspiration for the color scheme, the two red, black and grey pictures went on a wall to the right of the bed.  My other silver picture went to the left of the bed with another picture that was already in the room.  The bulletin board went up near the window.  I cleaned up all the boxes and wrappers and I was left with a beautful, cohesive, master bedroom.  And a huge smile on my face.

It had been a while since I did a full scale makeover of any room of my house.  Besides hanging the many paintings I have personally painted, I have not changed much since we moved in a few years ago.  I remembered at our old house I made over rooms several times.  It was so easy to redo a room like a bathroom just by buying a new shower curtain and few pieces of art. I also repurposed some furniture from the basement to make a music room in our often unused front room in our old house.  I have tubs of art, pillows, candles, and vases that I can sift through to freshen up a room that has grown tired.  This was definitely the case with our master bedroom.

So if you are feeling a little restless, maybe looking for a change, try redoing a room in your house.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot – check Craigslist, eBay, heck, even Goodwill.  With a little love and thoughtfulness you can make a whole lotta something out of nothing.  Then stand back and admire your handiwork with a big smile on your face.  Sometimes its the little things that bring the most joy.

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