10 Things I Learned While on Vacation

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What a great vacation I had last week!  Busy but we fit so much in it was worth it.  So what did I learn during this vacation?  Here are the Top 10:

1.  I prefer airplanes to cars for travel.  We only had to drive about 6 1/2 – 7 hours, but that was about 6 hours more than I care to spend in a car.  My husband even drove the whole way, but the hour long detour and Chicago traffic was ALMOST enough for me to pay over $400 for a plane ticket.  Almost.

2.  After a few days of going hog wild eating, I want some real food.  I try to eat healthy most of the time, but I figured I would eat whatever I want while on vacation.  A few days of burgers, fries, cheese, ice cream and I was like I need some REAL food.  I got some meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans.  Delicious.

3.  Wisconsin State Fair seems to get better every year.  New food, some not even on a stick, new beers, interspersed with the oldies and goodies.  Good music to boot.  Awesome.

4.  Heavy metal is my favorite type of music, hands down.  I got to see the 80s cover band I mentioned in my blog a few weeks ago and I was dancing like I was 25 again.  And not that Poison and Bon Jovi crap.  I’m talking the real deal like Iron Maiden and Y&T.

5.  There is a special place in my heart for friends I have known for over 30 years.  Friends who started as my brother’s friends I now call my own.  Genuine, beautiful people I look forward to seeing every year.

6. Having a few days away in the middle of a week with my folks worked really well.  A few days together, a few days apart, then back together gave us all some time to ourselves.

7.  UW-Madison has changed. A lot.  I guess you would expect that after 20 years, but I was amazed by the new buildings.  I was glad the Memorial Union was essentially the same lake side so I could relish some great memories.

8.  The Brewers stadium is really cool, mostly because the retractable roof is awesome to watch and is architecturely neat.  Bernie Brewer should get his mug back to slide into and they are doomed beer wise as it is Miller Park.

9. Nothing beats spending time with extended family.  When I was a kid we got together a lot with my aunts, uncles, and cousins, but now that I live in Cincinnati, I don’t get to see them too often.  Once a year at the reunion I get to see most of them and catch up and share some memories and make new ones.

10.  My parents are awesome.  I am so blessed they are in my life, hanging at the State Fair, enjoying some guacamole, rooting on the Brewers, or just sitting around watching TV.  I am grateful for their generosity, love, and wisdom.

Well, that about covers it.  It was a whirlwind of a vacation but absolutely the best.  Now it is back to the grind, but I feel refreshed and ready to go.  Good times.

One Reply to “10 Things I Learned While on Vacation”

  1. Julie, it was great to see you guys multiple times this summer! Sounds like you had a great time (other than the drive) and got to take a lot in!! See you next summer!! PS – please say HI to your brother for us!!


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