10 Things I Remember About Grade School

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A while ago I was part of a lengthy discussion with old school friends on Facebook about what we remembered about grade school. If a good score for memory was 100, I was at about a 35. My friends could remember teacher names and incidents that I had no recollection of. I dug out my old school pics (remember when they took a whole picture of the class together?) and luckily my teacher’s names were on them. Now that we are seeing all the back to school stuff, and I already covered college, I thought I would put out a top 10 of what I DO remember about grade school:
1. School supply shopping was AWESOME. Nothing made me happier than new crayons, loose leaf paper, folders, and the inevitable Trapper Keeper. And glue, and paste, and I could go on and on.
2. School didn’t start til after Labor Day. Now it seems some do and some don’t, but I would have cried like the little girl I was if I had to go back to school in August.
3. I lived in a pretty rural area, so the first day of school I remember having my bus number pinned to my shirt. It was made of colored construction paper and was in the shape of a bus with the number written on it in marker.
4. Rearranging my desk was almost as good as new school supplies. The desk was hinged at the back and you could open it up and move the pencil box from the LEFT to the RIGHT, and then try to fit the notebooks over THERE. I think it was just a precursor of my love of decorating now.
5. Kindergarten was half day, and I had a yellow rug to take a nap on. Why don’t they carry that nap thing through until, say FOREVER? I am sure my work would improve if I could whip out a rug and take a snooze.
6. We made mailboxes out of cardboard gallon milk containers. We would retrieve our graded papers from there, and anything else the teacher apparently didn’t feel like handing out. Bring the kids to where the papers are, I guess. And those mailboxes came in handy on Valentine’s Day.
7. Valentine’s Day. You bought a whole box of really cheap Valentine’s Day cards, like Looney Tunes or some other cartoon show, and EVERYONE got a crap ton because each kid had to have one for every other kid.
8. I had pneumonia when I was in either second or third grade and had to spend a few days in the hospital. I got a care package from my class with lots of Get Well soon cards handwritten with crayons.
9. After third grade our district got rezoned, and I went to a new school. My new school didn’t seem as cool as my first one, but I ended up meeting friends for life there, and two of them ended up going to college with me and what transpired was nothing short of pandemonium (see college blog).
10. After 6th grade I was reunited with all my old pals in middle school. Double bonus because the new friends I made at the second school went there too, so it was friend overload in a good way. And then there was high school…
But that is for another day. I have no children, but I see all the pictures of kids on Facebook with their ginormous back packs, goofy grins, and can just imagine their parents beaming behind the camera (or phone these days). It makes me think back to the good old days of milk cards, greasy cafeteria pizza shaped in a rectangle, and recess. Now if you will excuse me, I see a rug with my name on it.

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