Monday and Wednesday’s posts were SERIOUS, so I thought I would lighten things up this Friday. I have been strolling down memory lane recently as the kids go back to school, reminiscing about high school and college. Well, I really wanted to test my memory so I went back even further to middle school. Now most people know my memory is not so good (I mean it was over 30 years ago, for Pete’s sake), so I really had to dig deep. Here are my Top 10 things that I actually REMEMBER about middle school:
1. I was reunited with friends that I had not seen in three years due to school rezoning. The bonus? All my friends from my second grade school were there too. Double friend bonus!
2. We went on a trip called Trees for Tomorrow for our science class. Highlight? Boys mooning us through the window while a bunch of us girls stood outside their cabin. Oh, and maybe there was nature and stuff. And a lot of singing “P.Y.T.” by Michael Jackson.
3. We took pictures of that trip with a camera that required you remove a canister of film and take it somewhere to be developed. You could not WAIT to see how they turned out.
4. Buttons of your favorite bands pinned to your jean jacket were cool. I remember I had Rick Springfield (probably more than one) and Quiet Riot. My musical tastes were diverse.
5. Taking the bottom of my jeans and wrapping them around my ankle and folding them up. They were like the first skinny jeans but probably looked a whole lot worse.
6. White canvas sneakers. Does anyone remember Tretorns? Do they still make them?
7. Sweaters in a horrible acrylic knit with a rainbow across the chest. And sweater vests.
8. Feathered hair and braces (I had the former but not the latter).
9. Our yearbook was so small it didn’t even warrant a hard cover.
10. Our gym outfits were gold shirts, bluish-purple short shorts with yellow piping (school colors were purple and gold), and knee high white tube socks with gold stripes at the top and I believe a lion (our mascot) on them. I hope there is no photo evidence of this ANYWHERE!
Notice I didn’t mention too much about teachers or classes. Don’t remember much about that, but I am sure I learned something valuable. I can still picture the inside of the school, the hallways, the offices, the cafeteria, the football field. I remember it as a time of innocence and fun.
I am grateful I attended middle school in the early ‘80s and not now. It all seems so complicated now, and not so fun. And maybe I am wrong and the kids in middle school right now are creating their own memories, not worse, just different. I still don’t think I would trade places.
It is time to pull myself back to the present, but I will leave you with this (youngsters, YouTube it):
“Pretty young things, repeat after me
Sing na na na, na na na
Na na-na na, na na-na na
Sing, na na na, na na na
Na-na na-na na, na-na na-na na
I’ll take you there, take you there”
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Things), Michael Jackson

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