Transformational change of the physical kind

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“Most people fail, not because of lack of desire, but, because of lack of commitment.”
-Vince Lombardi

I spent the weekend with some amazing women at a yoga retreat as part of my Yoga Teacher/Holistic Coach Training. It was held at Hope Springs, a retreat in Peebles, Ohio that is surrounded by beautiful trees, meadows and is home to much wildlife. I already know that nature plays a huge inspirational role in my life; however the women I was with were inspirational for me as well. And I have made a decision that I have made many, many times before – to lose weight, or “shift weight” as my instructor likes to call it.

How did those women inspire me? Their commitment. They not only had to take care of themselves, but their families as well. They planned and cooked and taught their families about the benefits of healthy eating. They shared stories of others picking on their choices and not inviting them to dinners, and yet their commitment to their health and that of their family did not waiver. I wanted to be that committed. I have always had the desire, and bursts of commitment, but how could I make sustainable changes that would last a lifetime?

I decided it was time for a transformational change of the physical kind. I have made many transformational changes in my thinking, my emotional state and reactions, and especially spiritually. I want to inspire others to make transformational change in their lives on all levels, and I need to be an example that one can make changes on all four levels. Approaching it this way resonated with me. I do not want to lose weight because of any external pressure, to look a certain way, or for a certain event. I want to do it for myself, in service of those I will coach in the future.

I plan on taking small steps. I texted my trainer and told him I wanted to shift from strength training to losing weight. The beautiful human he is he responded, “I wish everyone I trained was as vocal as you are. I love how involved you are with it.” I will get my cookbooks out and start doing more cooking and planning (like my yogi pals). And I know what my biggest obstacle will be – weekends.

I know when I tell my husband that I am on this journey of shifting weight, he will encourage me like he always does, but always with a “let’s see how long this will last” mentality, which I have earned. I have already discussed with him that I would like our weekends to not revolve around craft beer (which we both love), but that it play a smaller role in our plans. We will collaborate on ideas, make compromises, and I will need to set limits for myself (LOTS of work to do there). I have the desire, now I need to commit.

While I am very excited about this journey, the past still rears its ugly head. I need to stay focused on the future and celebrate my successes. And when I stumble and fall, I will pick myself up, dust myself off, and recommit. I am prepared for that to happen.

I want to tell everyone I know about my goal to shift weight (love that), because I need a village to make it happen. I have tried every which way to do it, sometimes successful, sometimes not, and I usually kept my goal within my close circle of friends and family. I need a boatload of support, encouragement, ideas and inspiration. This will keep me moving in the right direction with commitment. So to all my readers, friends, family, yogis, etc. I need your help. Whatever feels right to you – an overt message or an inspirational thought or whatever you feel will help– I will take it all! I will make periodic updates through my blog on how I am doing, but I plan to write about other things as well.

OK, this may be harder than I thought – I got into work this morning and there was a Milky Way bar on my desk and bagels in the break room. I caved on the bagel but threw the candy bar in my bag for my husband. Small steps, right?

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