Gotta be starting something-there’s an eclipse coming!

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Seems like everyone is talking about the super moon/harvest moon/blood moon, as it is going to occur on Sunday. I have always been one who enjoys gazing at the moon, but the hype is making it a definite must-see this weekend. I have read that eclipses are times of new beginnings, so I wanted to check out my horoscope for what’s in store during this monumental time. After I read it, I immediately thought of my blog from Monday about starting my journey to lose weight. Here is my horoscope according to for my sign, Sagittarius, for this week along with my corresponding thoughts:
If you’ve felt edgy, antsy, angst-y, flat or freaked out the past week or so, it’s all par for the course. What has been mostly hidden from view, and possibly from you, has just come to the fore. This could be related to your ways of dealing with inner demons. This could be your unconscious desires that are becoming conscious. This could be a latent need to get your life together that just woke up and bit you in the ass. I guess you could call dealing with my weight for over 30 years an inner demon (yes, that’s sarcastic). I have worked on so many aspects of my life, but not the physical one. I think it was brought to the “fore” during my weekend yoga retreat. Maybe all the nature and yoga brought it into my consciousness. But I have started the journey, which brings me to…
Whatever the situation, the solution is to bring it into form. Write your fears down (so you can see what little water they are capable of holding). Write your dreams down (so you can be inspired by them). Mold your daily life, step by step, day by day into one that you feel proud of calling your own. After my life coach read my blog her comment was, “Can’t wait to see your intention for this!” Translated by me as WRITE IT DOWN. Spooky, no? It even started by writing it in the blog. I find when I write things in my blog I hold myself accountable. Now I have to start getting the nitty-gritty down. Homework for the weekend.
And it’s ok to be daunted by the task. Just do what you can when you can. Whew! I am always daunted by the task of losing weight, so it is good to know that I have some leeway. It allows me to forgive myself when I mess up but also motivates me to do better than “when I can.”
Saturn just landed in your sign and will be there for the next two years. In some ways you might feel slowed down, but you could also see it as being grown up. In some ways you might feel the burden of rebirthing yourself, but you could also see it as the privilege of a lifetime. In some ways you might feel ready to take on a responsibility so large you later look in the mirror with a side eye that can only say, REALLY? “Look in the mirror”? SUPER SPOOKY! A rebirthing? It all seems to fall together. I am ready to take on the responsibility but with a totally different approach than in the past. In reference to grown up, I interpret that as using the lessons and tools of the last three years of coaching to create a plan that will work.
But you need a challenge right now, so you might as well pick the one you’d most like to meet. Ah, yep.
Your decisions matter. Your movements have a purpose. Everything you wish to accomplish really just boils down to acknowledging, understanding and upholding your unique ways of moving through the world. If you didn’t read my blog from Monday, it boiled down to committing to losing weight, not just having the desire. Commitment paired with my new plan makes this new venture exciting.
There will be ups and downs to this mission. Bumps, twists, turns, potholes and pit stops. Road blocks. But road blocks can also be guideposts. We can either believe that what doesn’t work out isn’t supposed to or that life sucks and the world is against us. I am familiar with “life sucks and the world is against us” as it pertains to weight loss. Why is it so hard for me to lose weight? Why can’t I eat whatever I want and not gain weight? And on and on. However, I choose to focus on the ups and downs. I am ready for the setbacks and I intend to use them as guideposts, helping me modify my plan as needed for maximum results. And reminding myself that I am human and will make mistakes.
This Sunday’s eclipse highlights your impressive creativity, your stunning ingenuity and your formidable ways of finding solutions to even the gnarliest of conflicts, so don’t fear the fight. You’ve got too much swagger on your side to lose this tryst. I will embrace the swagger!!
So what will the eclipse mean for you? What new venture will you start? You can use your horoscope as a starting point, or maybe just reading through mine gave you an idea. Use the power of the moon, embrace YOUR swagger, and get going!

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