Am I in the midst of creating my own mega-career?

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“This full moon comes with the opportunity to study ourselves as we look honestly into the eyes of our greatest teachers, our greatest sources of wisdom and maybe our greatest challenges. And as we look, as we feel and as we witness, may we simultaneously and without doubt, feel the undeniable strength and sturdiness of character it takes to do so.” – See more at:

How is everyone doing after the latest full moon?  This one kind of snuck in without a whole lot of fanfare, unlike the “blood moon” a little while ago.  I was wondering if I would feel any different with this full moon, and then I ran across a Facebook post that a fellow yogi was giving free tarot card readings becasue the full moon was in her sign, Taurus, and she was feeling extra powerful.  As the studio is a scant 5 minutes from my office I decided to pay her a visit.

She asked me to pick 3 cards and if I had any specific questions, and I said no.  I said no because whenever I get a reading done I ALWAYS ask about my career and job and I was adamant not to ask about it.  She grabbed my hand to get a read on me, then turned over my cards.  She said I was having difficulty navigating the physical and spiritual worlds–could this be related to my job?  I was like, I didn’t even ask about my job and it still came up.  I said, yes, my job is very much rooted in the secular world, and I really wanted to work more in the spiritual world.  She said the next few cards had to do with something coming full circle and needing balance.  As she was holding my hand she said she got a vision of something that was started, something with obstacles, was coming to a close, and there was a green field opening up in front of me.  Did this sound familiar?  And I had to think about my work and did it fit.  I decided it did.

It is no secret I was fired from my last job, let’s say due to creative differences.  I knew I wasn’t ready to become an entrepreneur in the spiritual realm as a coach or teacher, so I took another finance job.  But one thing I knew–I would not be stuck in another shitty environment.  I would speak my mind freely, yet professionally and without any heat.  Before I took the job they asked how I dealt with stress, because it was a busy, stressful job.  My spiritual practices fit the bill for handling stress, as well as my years of having a life coach and dealing with triggers and transforming them.  A few months into the job and it was not only NOT stressful but I was NOT busy.  My last job ended in a lot of thumb twiddling and internet surfing and I swore I would not subject myself to that again.  I told my boss (maybe not so cooly) just what I was feeling and that I needed to be busy and I wasn’t really enjoying the work.  To her credit, she said she appreciated the feedback and a short time later I was asked to work on a high profile project in addition to my regular duties.

I have written about other incidents where I spoke my mind (more profesionally than with my boss-I learned from that) and started to influence others in a different way.  I choose my words carefully, I always state my feelings (you can’t argue with feelings) and ask for their help in making me a better co-worker.  I provided advice to co-workers when they asked, and they gave me grateful feedback as my suggestions made their jobs eaiser.  I began to see myself in a different role – an agent of change.  I was working for a company in transition along with people who worked closely together for many years.  I had to exhibit some empathy for them as the company grew and more employees were added.  But I also had a lot of experience in a variety of areas that I could add value to.  So was that the circle that was coming to an end?  I had “proven” myself to the insiders and in the process realized my own role in the firm?  I like to think so.  And that green field my tarot card reader saw?  A whole world unfolding before me that was rich and fertile.  I like that.

So what about my Sag horoscope for the week of the full moon?  It was about work too!

Tuesday’s full moon also brings light to your professional progress. Something might occur this week that will help your efforts go the extra mile. Some connections might coalesce that can help give your work a boost and your profile a promotion. Some experience might unfold that brings clarity to the kind of effort you put into your work, effort that you might take for granted.

Don’t take your work for granted. If you do, others can too. Not just your work, but their own. There is something urgently important about what you are bringing to light in your life right now, specifically through your career. Whatever societal wounds you are wanting to heal through what you do professionally is of great importance. As you struggle, grapple and get down to the details of what you are trying to relay, we do too. Humanity is one large organism. As one of us stands up for something, the rest of us get the message that it’s ok to do and say the same. What you do, say and demonstrate on the world stage has a considerable kick to it right now. One that can unleash a stampede of stallions just waiting on your word.

Don’t keep them cooped up.

– See more at:

Crazy, right?  And what if this isn’t even referring to my current secular job but about my calling in this world, which I believe lies in the spiritual/healing realm?  What if I am able to combine them both into one massive super job that bridges both (like my first tarot card)?  I have been contemplating teaching meditation at my work if people were interested.  Maybe the beginning of something epic, a mega career for me?  The possiblities are endless, and that is beyond exciting for me.

Now don’t think I live and die by the tarot or my horoscope.  But I certainly like to take a check of my life and where it stands THEN go get a reading or read my horoscope and see how they might collide.  And it always gets me thinking, and thinking WAY OUT, dreaming big.  And that makes it all worth while.

When is the last time you dreamed big?  Maybe it’s time to fact check where you are then check out your horoscope.   Get the conversation started-with yourself.

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