“The tendency to whining and complaining may be taken as the surest sign symptom of little souls and inferior intellects.”
– Francis Jeffrey

Amen to that quote, brother. I don’t know what it is today, but everyone’s got some whining to do. What do I do to escape? I head to Target.
Everyone is happy at Target. I know I am. I can walk through the doors and I am instantly transformed. What do they have that’s new? What’s on sale? It is a virtual treasure chest to be discovered.
I usually start in the shoes, and immediately hear my husband’s voice in my head saying “You don’t need any more shoes!” And I acknowledge that voice and put a pair of boots in my cart. He said SHOES, not BOOTS. There is a difference.
Then I head to clothes. Now the one teeny complaint I have about Target is their Women’s department is SMALL. I could probably fit all the racks in my cube at work. But there are some gems. Oh, and one other complaint (I can whine a little, right?)—PUT MORE MIRRORS AMONGST THE CLOTHES. I want to whip that shirt on over my clothes to try it on right on the merchandise floor. I don’t need no stinking dressing room—unless we are talking pants. Although I have been known to try pants on over shorts or the pants I am wearing. I am on my lunch hour, it needs to be quick. I find a shirt AND its 25% off.
I head over to the makeup, grab some eyeshadow and of course it is cheaper than at Ulta. I should not have doubted.
Of course no stop at Target would be complete without a stop in the Pet department. I usually buy so many treats and toys they ask how many dogs I have. When I reply “one, very spoiled dog” they usually laugh. This time it was just food and rawhides.
A quick trip through the food section (this was the best addition EVER) and discover my coffee is buy 3 get a $5 gift card! As I scan the oatmeal I notice a woman carrying around 2 Target baskets instead of one. When I inform her of this fact she thanked me and said she was wondering why it was so heavy. Then she asked if I ever had Target brand oatmeal. I had not. More thanks. That reinforces my thought that everyone is happy at Target.
I still have time to peruse the endcaps—everyone knows that the clearance items are located on the end of the aisle. Nothing there, but it was worth a shot.
Guess it’s time to check out and get back to work. I load up my Target Cartwheel app, hand my coupons to the cashier, and use my RedCard. Oh, and I get credit for bringing my own bags. All in all I saved over $30. Righteous!
Now I know shopping and buying stuff shouldn’t be the way to make you feel better. But when you have to get stuff you NEED, sometimes it’s nice to pick yourself up something. It is important to treat yourself right.
And because I am posting my blog late, I can tell you that I feel much better today. I was able to respond well to a couple emails that had me all bunched up yesterday, and am feeling good about the prospects for the day.
So take the time to do something nice for yourself – take a class, take a walk, spend time with your pet—you deserve it.

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