How do I get out of Funky Town?

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I think I am officially in a funk. It’s no secret I have been down on myself lately, but it seems to be seeping into other areas of my life now. I am losing interest in going to my gym, a place I loved for three years that was the highlight of my day. I love my trainer but I just don’t feel the same motivation to go. I don’t feel like cooking, or hell, even eating very well when I used to be diligent about bringing my lunch and having healthy food on hand. I have felt the need to escape, maybe drinking too much, and then beating myself up when I experience the inevitable hangover. What is going on with me? Is it the end of fall and the soon to be winter that is getting me down? All I know is I want to shake it—I’m tired of being tired.
What do I do when I need answers? Of course I go to the Internet (like most people I think). I found an interesting article that seemed to fit the bill: “How to Get Out of a Funk” by Alex Lickerman M.D. on Dr. Lickman lists five ways he finds that work for him and my take on how I might use them:
1.Connect with people. As I wrote in a previous post, How To Pull Good Things Out Of Others(link is external), who we are and how we experience ourselves often has more to do with who surrounds us than anything else. When feeling low, one of the fastest ways to pick yourself up is to connect with specific people you know bring energy out of you.
With all of my traveling as of late, I have been feeling out of sorts. I am missing my Yoga Teacher/Holistic Coaching class, which usually brings me great joy. I also have not spoke to my life coach in a while, which also usually sets me straight. We are set to talk at the beginning of December, so hopefully that will perk me up and give me something to look forward to. I wrote Wednesday about the need for friendship, and I am brainstorming ways to connect with more people for that purpose. I think I am good on this one.
2.Commit to a new goal. Sometimes my listlessness is purposelessness in disguise. Human beings are not only intrinsically driven by a sense of purpose but also seem to require a sense of purpose to lead a satisfying life. It needn’t be a grand purpose, but it must be a purpose that feels important to you.
I agree 100% here-I have been feeling adrift without a TRUE sense of purpose. I have my intentions floating in my head but I have not spent much time with them. It is time to recommit and start moving things forward and manifesting what I purpose I want to fulfill.
3.Read an engrossing book or see an emotionally powerful movie. Both have the power to transport us, to provide a perspective far removed from our own, and in doing so, unlock emotions we want to feel: joy, hope, warmth—even sadness. When in a funk, what we feel doesn’t seem to be as important as finding a way to feel something.
I did rent the movie “Inside Out”, which is all about emotions. I did cry, because I cry during every animated movie, including “Cars” and “Toy Story”. At the time I just felt more bummed. However, I just received a book at my last conference that has promise, so I will read that and hopefully shift out of funkville.
4.Travel. Though travel has never been one of my favorite things to do, it does accomplish something important when I’m in a funk: it takes away familiar environmental cues and replaces them with unfamiliar ones. And as most of our behavior and emotions are cued by our environment (from turning off lights when we leave a room to the sinking feeling we may get as we approach our place of work), if we want to act and feel differently, changing our environmental cues is a good place start. Not that you can escape yourself by relocating geographically. But you can be helped to access different parts of yourself.
NO MORE TRAVELING! Ok, maybe not for work. Luckily for me I have a vacation to a tropical place planned for the week of Thanksgiving. I think some beach time with my husband, surrounded by lush vegetation and eating and drinking all inclusively will make me feel A LOT better. I think I like this one the best.
5.Wait patiently. No mood lasts forever. And life won’t leave you alone but will eventually present you with new challenges that activate you. And even if such challenges are difficult, they will often bring out your best self.
I like the “new challenges that activate you” statement. That’s what I need – challenges that bring out my talents and allow me to help others and enrich their lives. I’m not usually a patient person, but if it brings about the challenges, I can hang in there.
Well, I am feeling better already. How about you? Are you on a tour of Funk Town? Try some of the above and let me know how they turn out. Not funky? Help the rest of out and tell me how you stay out of Funk Town or quickly do a u-turn and get back to Happyville. Let’s help each other!

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