Today is my birthday, so I thought I would make a list of wishes to celebrate. As I was thinking of my 46 years on this planet I reflected on the four decades (almost 5 – yikes) and decided to break down my wishes by decade.  My 1970’s wish – to have one weekend to go back as an adult for one weekend and see KISS in their heyday on Friday night and go to Studio 54 on Saturday night and experience it ALL with no repercussions.

My 1980’s wishes – I have three wishes:

My first wish is to go back to see my brother’s band play again. I had such a good time watching them play the music that is my first love – heavy metal. They played the good stuff like Iron Maiden, Riot, Judas Priest and Dio. They played in places called The Peppermint Lounge, Jabberwockys, The Junction, Sunset Bowl and the Palms. Lots of dancing and fun with people I still see today virtually under the same circumstances.  

My second wish is to go back to high school graduation day and watch my speech as Salutatorian. I can’t remember any of it.

My third wish is to experience my college graduation day again. Mine wasn’t that special but my mom graduated from college the same day. I got my love of learning from her and she still takes classes to this day to learn new things.  

My 1990’s wish – to go back and experience that summer day in Sunlight Pool at Coney Island in Cincinnati where my now-husband told me for the first time he loved me. There must have been 500 screaming kids in that pool and I didn’t hear anything but those words and saw nothing but him. It was one of the best days of my life. Seventeen years later we are still as happy and in love as ever.

My 2000’s wish — but I would start with reliving my wedding day (with maybe a little less champagne). And the day we took our dog Buster back from my in-laws. They were gracious enough to keep him for a few months while we got acclimated to our new house. For the last 12+ years he has been the apple of our eye.  

I have three wishes for our current times:

A solution is found to the gun violence in our nation. I don’t know what it is. I do know that civilians don’t need assault rifles, and that I personally have never wanted to shoot anyone, even though I grew up a hunter’s daughter and was surrounded by guns for 26 years. What drives someone to that point? I wish we could find the answer and stop future tragedies from happening.

Women could walk into any health care facility in the country and get a procedure that has been legal in this country for over 40 years without fear. As it stands now there aren’t many places for a woman to go to terminate a pregnancy (which is legal and her choice, a very agonized, tortured choice in most cases), and when she does go she is confronted by people she doesn’t know throwing judgment on her (or worse). And let’s not forget the doctors and workers who are in constant fear of violence. I wish for the fear and violence to end.

Lastly I wish for health and happiness for me, my loved ones, family and friends. As long as I am on this side of the dirt, I want to be surrounded by people I care about who are able to fulfill THEIR wishes for a long time.  

I don’t mind getting older. My life is still evolving and I have so many things I want to do in my lifetime. I am excited for the next chapters in my life and grateful for all the chapters that have unfolded since 1969.  


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