In Monday’s blog I shared what my year 2015 looked like in review. Now that it is almost January 1st, I want to look forward to what I want to accomplish in 2016. I think the word “resolution” has a somewhat negative connotation at this time of the year, so I will call them “intentions”.As I did for 2015, I asked the universe what would be my over-arching theme for 2016, and picked a card from my Earth Magic deck. The card I chose was “Mountain” (see photo), and it relates to Strength. Specifically:

“It makes no sense to deny the strength you have at the cost of allowing yourself to be reactive and subject to external influences far beyond what is healthy for you. Imagine yourself as a mountain of strength, solidly grounded in the Earth, your head held high as if you were touching the sky. Do so without straining, just as the mountain itself does not strain.

The current situation calls for you to be vigilant, but not to the point of fear or paranoia. Be that rock of strength that you are capable of becoming. The solidness of your resolve will be clearly communicated when you model yourself after the towering immensity of a mountain, impenetrable and inscrutable. Standing steady like a rock is what is called for at this time.”

This card coming up as the answer to my question was very exciting for me. First, my Life Coach said a few months ago that she had an indication that I would somehow be involved with mountains—could it be a reference to the strength I need? Secondly, I love rocks and I definitely feel like I am brimming with Earth energy. Third, my Ayurvedic dosha, Kapha, is partly comprised of Earth, which made me feel that this was definitely directed at me. And who wouldn’t want Strength to be their driving force for the next year? I also thought it was interesting that the word “vigilant” came up again, just like it did for 2015. With all that said, what are my intentions for 2016?

1. Continue to Learn: I have spent almost a year in Yoga Teacher/Holistic Coaching Training, meeting weekly to gain knowledge in a variety of topics and it ends mid-February. Lucky for me the beginning of the year is chocked full of spiritual workshops to keep my brain working. I have also set a focused course with my Life Coach as I learn more about myself but also about how I can use what I have learned to help others. Which brings me to #2…

2. Establish my own coaching business: I feel passionately about bringing what I have learned to others in order to pay forward all the gifts that I have received over the past few years. Helping others heal and make them strong (mountains?) will provide them the opportunity to share their gifts with the world, which could bring about an amazing revolution in thoughts, actions, spirituality, you name it! However, I have never owned my own business so I need to call on my friends and mentors who have experience in this realm to teach me the ropes (contributing to #1). I realize there will be struggles and setbacks, but I will stand “steady like a rock” and persevere.  

3. Volunteer: I felt like 2015 was the year of getting myself on track, and I came out feeling strong (another mountain reference??). I want to use all my skills, whether it is my lessons learned through my Life Coach, yoga, Reiki, Healing Touch, Shamanism, or any other modality to bring some knowledge and comfort to others. I have a few communities in mind to start, but with my intention out there, who knows what might come my way?

4. Practice Shamanism: I have taken several workshops on Shamanic rituals, but I have never really gotten to put them into play after the workshop. I would like to find a like-minded community that provided the opportunity to practice what I have learned so far and also to extend my learning on the topic (back to #1!)

5. Acceptance of my Body: I have written about my body in various ways, whether it was committing to losing weight (then falling off the wagon)or not liking what I see in the mirror, and generally have had a love/hate relationship with it for over 30 years. This year I will simply love my body the way it is and be grateful for what it can do and that it is healthy.  

6. Expand my Friendship Circle: One of my closest friendships fizzled out, and another best friend is moving out of state. I want to put myself in a position to meet new people and establish new connections that ultimately lead to more friendships. I was never one to have a vast circle of friends, but I would like to have a few close friends in my area to hang with.  

Those are my top six so far. I am sure I will add to the list as new opportunities and adventures unfold. Have you set some intentions for the New Year yet? I say THINK BIG! Don’t limit yourself or your abilities to achieve everything you want in 2016.  

Taking Friday off so have a wonderful, festive and SAFE New Year’s Eve and a happy New Year’s Day.  

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