Let’s Talk. Old school. With our Mouths.

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What happened to the art of conversation?  Technology.  We are so used to texting and emailing that many of us have lost the ability to carry on intelligent interpersonal conversations when the situation calls for it.

I have written about the ability to talk with anyone, including people we don’t know, as a valuable skill.  Do you need tips on how to develop that skill?  Or maybe rediscover it after a long spell of using your  thumbs to have conversations?  Or maybe you are concerned about your kids, who many studies show are really at a disadvantage in the interpersonal conversation situation.

Check out this incredible TEDTalk by Celeste Headlee to learn “10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation”.  We need to save the art of interpersonal conversation.  The tips are so easy but seem to have fallen by the wayside in our type-centric society.  Watch the video, get the wisdom, and START A CONVERSATION.  A real one using mouths and ears between two live people.

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