This weekend I got not one, but TWO tattoos.  The first was behind my ear–no big deal, most people won’t see it.  The other?  On the inside of my upper right arm.  I don’t have super muscular arms, and they are definitely not scrawny.  Should I draw attention to them with a black script tattoo?  The answer is I don’t care.  I wanted it there and I love it.  

I can almost hear my mom chastising me, something about climbing the career ladder.  I have already done that and I am pretty sure I don’t want it again.  And any place that doesn’t promote because I have words on the inside of my arm is probably somewhere I don’t want to work.  

What I DO know is that after my car accident I am not waiting.  I am not second guessing.  I will move forward boldly with no regrets.  Who’s with me?

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