Ever wonder if what you are doing matters?  Maybe you want to have a broader impact on your community or even country or planet.  What it really comes down to is do you have purpose in your life?  If you feel your purpose is lacking, do you know how to find it?

I am very lucky in that I was introduced to my life coach over four years ago, and she helped me establish my life intention, as well as a few other intentions over the years that have helped guide me in my decision making and ultimately how I choose to live my life.  While I highly recommend a life coach, (especially mine, Lauralee Alben) some of you may be looking for an introduction to the concept of purpose and a quick way to get started.  Courtesy of Happify.com, below is an extensive infographic with great info on finding purpose and the benefits of living with purpose.  The good news, according to them, is you don’t have to be a boy/girl scout or a saint to make a difference.

I am travelling next week, so my next blog will be August 15.  Enjoy your weekend and the next week and I will be back soon!



2 Replies to “What is the Meaning of YOUR Life?”

  1. Thank you, Julie, for giving me the privilege of coaching you. Meaning arises from the relationships we have in our lives, from the connections we foster, and the reciprocity and respect that flow from them. I’m grateful to experience this with you!

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