Let me tell you about my Friday night.  While out celebrating a friend’s birthday at a local taproom, I hear someone saying my name.  Repeatedly.  Quietly.  I finally look around and see an older woman there, and I say, “Are you trying to get my attention?”  And she says yes, but she wasn’t sure it was me so she didn’t want to just walk up to me and start talking.  Turns out Kathy was one of my yoga students from about 7 years ago.  She asked me if I was still teaching, and I told her no, but that I had taken another yoga teacher training and was considering it.  She went on to say how much she loved my workouts and really enjoyed her time at the gym.  It was touching.

A little later in the evening, I am chatting with one of the owners of the taproom, Betty, and she told me how much she appreciated my blog because it is so positive.  And she gives me a big hug.  I was so thankful for her kind words and that she would take the time out of her busy night to bring it up.

Now I cannot tell you how much these two events meant to me.  Ok, I will try.  I was completely surprised that someone from 7 years ago would not only remember what I looked like or my name from teaching group fitness.  It really made me feel like I had made a good impression on that person.  I taught group fitness at that particular gym for a few years, and I taught several classes in different things.  I knew many of my students.  While I remembered this woman after talking for a while, I wouldn’t have recognized her had she not spoken to me.  Yet she not only recognized me, but wanted to engage in conversation.  In fact, she had her friends take a picture of us so she could send it to her daughter!  Talk about humbling.  I was really grateful that she had made the move to reconnect.

When I went to my family reunion two of my cousins (shout out to Dawn and Tina) told me how much they enjoyed my blog, and I was sort of blown away.  That made me very proud and again, humbled.  Several of my yogi friends have told me they enjoyed my blog or like it on Facebook.  Again, extremely grateful.  Then to hear the words from Betty, a member of one of my newer communities, I almost couldn’t believe it.  I am absolutely over the moon grateful to all that have made endearing comments regarding my blog.

On Friday I wrote about how everyone has a gift and if you share it, the positive effects can ripple out to your community, the nation, the world.  I firmly believe that.  I found the video below on http://www.tedxtalks.ted.com.  TedX events are local events for those that want to mimic the big Ted Talk events (I highly recommend both the Ted Talks and the TedX talks and there a lot of topics they cover).  It is just under 17 minutes and tells an amazing story of how one man’s journey led him to share his gift and make an impact on his community.  And who knows how much farther his initial gift has spread in the few years since the talk was given.  I think it will make an impact on you, maybe even spark you to discover your gift and put something amazing in motion.  Or like me, maybe it just reinforces what you already know about gratitude — it can literally make a world of difference.

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