“Why can’t anything go right for me?”  That’s what I saw more than once on Facebook followed by a litany of negative things that happened to the particular individual.  It should be commended that they reached out to their friends for support, instead of suffering in silence.  When bad things happen to us, especially several at once, it may feel like the world is against us.

What would my advice be?  My first piece of advice would be that everything happens for a reason (trite, I know), AND bad things happen to teach us something.  I recommend reflecting on the situation, especially the person who is experiencing the negative events role in the situation, and asking questions.  For example, I was in a car accident in April.  My car was totaled, but luckily all the humans involved were OK.  When I reflected on that situation and questioned why it happened, I realized that life was getting too complacent.  I was going through the motions, but not really LIVING.  So I make a decision at that point to not put off things I wanted to do.  I chose not to live wallowing in the negativity of it all, which brings me to my second point…

Be optimistic.  Even though bad things are happening, tell yourself things will get better.  Create a mantra that you can repeat during tough times to snap yourself into reflection mode, for example “I was born to overcome adversity” or “I get up more times than I am knocked down”.    Are there benefits to being an optimist?  You bet!  Check out the infographic below to find out what they are and tips on how to be more optimistic.

From my previous blogs, you may recall that I believe we all have a gift to give others that will create incredible transformations.  Staying (or getting) healthy and happy is a big part of discovering that gift.  Read on and get ready to be led to the BRIGHT side!


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