I will admit it.  I fell off the meditation wagon.  When my schedule was predictable, I was doing it every morning.  When my schedule started to vary, I did it in the morning if I could, and if I couldn’t?  Well, it probably didn’t happen.  My schedule is starting to get a bit more routine, but I have also come up with something a little different yet with some of the same benefits.

Like most of us, when my alarm goes off I go directly to NEGATIVE TOWN.  I immediately turn those negative thoughts to positive by saying, “Today will be a good day”.  I have now set the intention for a good day.  I then say words of thanks to the universe for a variety of things, and repeat other intentions that have strong meaning for me.  All this before I even get out of bed.

What I believe I will add now, is found in the infographic below–a compassion meditation.  It is short and simple, but can be very powerful.  My opinion is you can do this meditation wherever it works for you.  Just saying or thinking the words will get your intention for compassion out there.    And don’t stop reading when you get to the meditation!  Continue on to understand the benefits of compassion in general.   I think we can all agree that what the world needs right now is more compassion.


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