As I write my last blog for the year 2016, I ponder what is in store for us for 2017.  By many accounts, 2016 has been a horrific year that most people are very glad to see come to a close.  I share my thoughts as almighty Time shuts the door on 2016 and ushers in 2017.

“Our intention creates our reality”-Wayne Dyer

What do you want to happen in 2017?   Meet the right someone?  Get the perfect job?  Make more money?  Whatever it is you intend, you will get.  However, you have to keep those intentions alive.  This can be done through creating a mantra you repeat daily, creating a storyboard with your goals, or just writing them down and reading them often.  The universe will answer your intentions but most likely in a very indirect manner.

For example, let’s say there is a position at your firm that you really want.  You craft an intention and feed it until your interview. You feel like you nailed it, and then you find out you didn’t get the job.  The universe did not fail you.  There is a reason you did not get that job, and eventually it will be revealed to you.  Maybe down the road a better position opens up, or someone in the firm wants you for a coveted project that you could not have done in the new position, or the company goes belly up.  You have to pay attention to what’s happening, and not get discouraged.  The journey you are on is the right one.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.  Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakes.”-Carl Jung

At the same time you are focusing on your intentions for things on the “outside”, such as making more money or finding love, it is important to spend time in self-reflection.  What traits do you want to improve upon in the new year?  Perhaps you want to be more empathetic, understanding, or compassionate.  Or you want to be less angry or quick to judge.  You can use the same intention setting above for this “internal” work.  The benefits of self-reflection can include stress reduction, more joy, and stronger relationships.

I think many viewed 2016 as a year filled with hate, disrespect, a lack of civility, and darkness.  If we each spend time improving our loving traits, speaking and acting in harmony, I believe it will have a ripple effect.  As our closest relationships improve, so will our community, nation and planet.  Many of us will experience an “awakening”that will draw those still in the dark into the light.

“Humankind has not woven the web of life.  We are but one thread within it.  Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.  All things are bound together.  All things connect.” -Chief Seattle

I think one of the things 2016 will be known for is the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline.  To think that people would be OK with destroying ancient burial sites, and potentially impacting a community’s only source of water, is unbelievable.  After months of people peacefully trying to protect the water (and those not so peaceful fighting them), the pipeline was stopped.  The scenes from Standing Rock were almost surreal.  But it made us think…

The Earth has limited resources, and we can’t go raping and pillaging her and expecting her bounty to be there forever.  It not only includes water but also plants, wildlife, insects, any non-human inhabitant of the globe.  ALL OF IT is part of the web of life.  It is time to start shifting our perspective away from being TAKERS, and reduce our consumption.  We need to pursue alternatives and sustainability.

We can each do our part to reduce individual consumption, but it goes further.  Your dollars matter – spend them wisely.   Do your research on the companies you buy from to see how they handle things like sustainability and giving back.  In the end, how much money do some of these companies need?  We have seen the paychecks of CEOs and the bank accounts of companies that make A LOT of money without a second glance at the environment or how their company impacts it.  Invest in the future of our planet, so generations to come can enjoy what exists for us now.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford

I think we have seen just the beginning of people coming together – staying together and working together remains to be seen.  I believe that with today’s technology, we can find and join groups who champion causes that resonate with us.  Staying and working together is going to require collaboration, civility, and creativity.  Determining what you are passionate about and setting the goal is just the beginning.  Surrounding yourself with people of diverse backgrounds and strengths and co-leading the effort will result in much more success.  Find your tribe, align your goal, delegate tasks to match strengths, work together and watch the dream become reality.

Be grateful for 2016 – the good things that brought us joy, and the not-so-good things that became our teachers.  I think 2017 can be a year of magical transformation – of self, of the community, of our planet.

A toast for New Year’s Eve…

Out with the old,

in with the new,

Cheers to the future,

And all that we do.

Happy New Year!



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