This weekend I was motivated to do something creative.  So I went all out and signed up for a painting class AND a string art project.  I went to both classes by myself, and had the ability to just lose myself in the processes and let my mind wander.  Besides generating something tangible with my creativity, I found out that spending time in creative pursuits can help on the job too.  Apparently, creativity away from work can boost creativity AT work, to help solve problems in new and profound ways.

Also included in the infographic is ways to boost your motivation.  And who doesn’t need that right about now?  Maybe you made a list of resolutions/intentions, but haven’t looked at them in a week.  Or maybe you didn’t even make a list of intentions (see my blog from 1/3/17 to set your theme for the year with helpful questions).  Maybe you are looking for ways to motivate your kids into helping around the house.  Maybe you love your work but things have gotten a little routine and you need a pick-me-up.  Or a combination of all of the above!

We most likely can find some areas of our lives where more motivation would greatly help us set and achieve our goals.  Getting things right with ourselves allows us to bring our gifts to others to help our families, communities and beyond.  Check out the infographic and put that newfound motivation to use!

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