“Nothing is so healing as the human touch” – Bobby Fischer

Over the past few months I have to say the number one reason people give me for booking a Reiki session is stress.  The second reason is that they can’t quiet their mind and THAT is stressing them out!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a light, hand’s on method to promote relaxation, stress reduction and facilitate a healing environment.  The word Reiki is devised from the Japanese words for Universal Life (“Rei”) and Energy (“Ki”).  Reiki helps to identify where energy imbalances reside and can help restore balance by reducing negative, stagnant, energy and increasing positive, free-flowing energy.  It can be used in partnership with traditional medicine to treat a client and facilitate well-being.

How Does Stress Manifest?

Stress can cause a myriad of issues in our life:

Body Mood

•Muscle tension or pain

•Chest pain


•Change in sex drive

•Stomach upset

•Sleep problems



•Lack of motivation or focus

•Feeling overwhelmed

•Irritability or anger

•Sadness or depression

Source:  http://www.mayoclinic.org

When one is under stress, not only is the brain on overdrive, the body is usually going through some sensations as well.  The individual will be all-consumed to alleviate the stress and settle the mind.  In that state it will be very difficult to do much else.  What could you be doing if you were stress free?  What could you hear if your mind was quiet?  I believe when we are low stress or no stress we free up our energy to do things like consider our goals, make plans and set intentions.   Our minds are free to contemplate possibilities and come up with creative endeavors.  We can also be fully present to people we care about and spend meaningful time with them.   Sounds good, right?

How Can Reiki Help?

Here are five ways Reiki can help reduce stress and quiet the mind:

  1. ACTION: The act of scheduling a Reiki session can bring relief as the client has realized they need help in this area and they have taken concrete action.
  2. CONVERSATION: Talking openly and confidentially with a trusted practitioner about the source of their stress can help relieve the burden of keeping stressors to themselves.
  3. ENVIRONMENT: The treatment room is usually set up to immediately induce relaxation.  My room is decorated beautifully, dimly lit with candles, smells amazing and has gentle music playing.  I watch as my client’s shoulders fall, they take a deep breath, and a smile comes to their face upon entering the room.  I haven’t even started the Reiki treatment!
  4. TREATMENT: We can’t forget the actual Reiki session when addressing stress reduction and quieting the mind.  The simple laying of hands on people creates a connection that provides comfort and peace.
  5. ENERGY: The main energy centers of the body, the chakras, can slow down or stop, manifesting in the body and mood as the stress issues noted above.  The Reiki treatment promotes positive energy flow and dissipates negative energy, helping to restore balance to the chakras.   Clients usually emerge from the session feeling sublime.

What would you like to accomplish in your life?  Is stress holding you back?  Take some time for yourself, schedule a Reiki session, and live your life with intention and purpose.

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