8 Ways to Boost your Spirit this Spring

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I love that the days are getting longer, plants are emerging from the ground, and there is a sense of rebirth and renewal in the air.  Yay, Spring!  But if you are still feeling the winter blahs, I have come up with a list of five ways to renew your spirit right along with the landscape:

  1. Schedule a Reiki session. The long, dark days of winter can be a source of sluggish energy.  It is time to recharge!  Reiki is a light, laying on of hands technique that helps improve the free flowing nature of our body’s energy and reduces negative, stuck energy.  During a session the spirit is restored as the mind quiets down and the body relaxes.  Reiki is an excellent mode of self-care, reducing stress and facilitating a healing environment.
  2. Connect with community. The opportunities to spend time with friends and family increases with the start of outdoor activities.  Sporting events, church festivals, neighborhood parties, and even a bonfire in the back yard brings people together to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.
  3. Volunteer. More activities means more volunteers.   Usher at a baseball game, serve food at a church festival, or offer to walk the neighbor’s dog.  Keep an eye on your local paper or social media for opportunities to share your talents and time.
  4. Donate. Spring cleaning can lead to decluttering.  Donate your used items to charity and feel good knowing they are going to be put to use by someone who needs them.
  5. Soak up some nature. The browns and grays give way to green and all sorts of colors as the flowers start to bloom.  Open the window or take a walk, breathe in the air, revel in the flora and fauna, and listen to the birds.  Give gratitude to the beauty around you.  The Earth has been providing for us for a long time, and reconnecting with her in appreciation can provide comfort and peace.
  6. Move Your Body. Many of us have spent the winter huddled under a blanket on the couch.  The longer days bring ample opportunity to get outside for a walk or bike ride, join a sports league and let’s not forget yard work!
  7. Plant something. It is one thing to look at nature, it is a whole different experience to put your hands in the earth.  Be mindful as you plant—smell the dirt, notice the texture, and give gratitude.
  8. Get creative. Sign up for a class on how to design a garden, paint a picture of a spring landscape, mold a vase for flowers, the possibilities abound!  When you are deep into something you are passionate about, the world tends to fall away.

In order to lead a life of wholeness, it is important to balance the body, mind and spirit.  We tend to spend the majority of our time taking care of our body, and a little less time taking care of our mind.  Choose a couple items from the list and start feeding your spirit so it can bloom along with the Spring flowers!


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