6 Life Lessons We Can Learn from Plants

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How I love Spring.  Earlier this week I was out in my yard turning the mulch and noticed all the little plants poking up through the soil.  It just made my heart flutter.  Then the weather got rainy, windy, and colder, and I worried about those youngsters.  But plants are smart and strong and keyed in on their own survival.  It got me thinking about what lessons the plants and flowers can teach us.  While I am sure there are many, here are my top six:

  1. Use only what you need. Plants do not hog dirt, water or sun—they use only what they need to sustain themselves and grow.   Mother Earth has a limited supply of resources to give us, and if we continue to take like it is never-ending, we will all suffer.  What can you do to reduce your carbon footprint and take less, perhaps even give back, to Mother Nature?
  2. Spend energy for your greatest good. Plants don’t waste the energy they need to grow.  The conserve it in times of need, and use it when conditions are right.  If you are harboring emotions such as anger or resentment, you are depleting your energy, leaving little to sustain yourself much less keep growing.  What could you be doing with your new-found energy after letting go of emotions that no longer serve you?
  3. No matter how you look, you are beautiful. Roses don’t pick on daisies.  Pansies don’t think they are any better than violets.  They co-exist in harmony–when we look upon them we see beauty as a whole, and appreciate the differences in petals, colors, and leaf shape.  Look at or think about the humans around you.  How might your relationships be different if you saw beauty in diversity?
  4. Grow even when the light is dim. Plants don’t get to choose their conditions, but they do need to persevere through stretches of cloudy days.  They stand their ground and continue to grow, albeit maybe a little slower.  We all have times of crisis and despair, but how we respond to them can lead us to wither or grow.  We need to reflect on those times, realize our role in it, and gain the wisdom to prepare ourselves for next time.  What wisdom will you discover if you reflect on your last crisis?
  5. Getting rid of the old encourages new growth. Plants thrive when we remove the dead blooms or snip the dead leaves.  We all hang on to things that no longer have purpose in our life.  Maybe it’s the clothes we hope to fit into again, friends who never call us back, or a partner that treats us poorly.  It takes a lot of courage to recognize and remove those types of things from our lives, but we will rewarded with happiness and higher self-esteem.  What people or things in your life do you need to remove to support your growth?
  6. Express Love. Plants literally put the air we breathe out into the world.  What a gift to us humans!  We can choose to emit negative, debilitating things into the air or we can choose love.  We always have a choice.  I encourage us all to put more love out into the world.  How will you manifest love into this world?

Now go out and explore some nature, and feel free to ask the plants if they have any other lessons to offer.  You may be surprised by their answers.

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