To Me, Every Day is Earth Day

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I had my blog all planned out for today, and it was going to be about a talk I went to last night.  But that all changed with my decision to not go the gym, but instead go to Sharon Woods, a local park, to get my work out in.  The morning was cool, and the sun was just starting to rise as I got to the park and starting stretching my legs.  It was fairly quiet, except for the birds, and I saw only one other car and no other people.  Little did I know, my whole world was going to turn upside down.

I have lived near Sharon Woods for almost four years, yet I could count on one hand how many times I have been there.  A few years ago my life coach in California introduced me to it as a place to gather water for a water ceremony I was participating in during her workshop.  I went there for “homework” to gather water, and then again to release the water I brought back after the ceremony.   She sent me back there last year to gain wisdom from the flowing waters, and I felt something start to shift.

I decided to go there earlier this week to enjoy a beautiful day, but also to take some pictures of the waterfall I had visited previously.  I spent some time walking down the creek, taking pictures, and again felt something within me shift.

But this morning, it was not just a subtle shift, but a complete transformation of my being.  I wrote the poem below as soon as I got home to capture the physical, emotional and spiritual awakening I experienced communing with Mother Nature.


Ode to Mother Nature

Oh, Mother Nature, you outdid yourself this morning.
What I thought would be just a walk in the park
You turned into heaven on earth.
I embarked on my journey right next to the waterfall
I knew so well. I had spent several days sitting next
To her, letting her sounds and beauty fill me with joy.
I continued on the trail into the forest, and
that is where my whole world changed.
My head turned this way and that to take in the
Majestic trees, the deep carpet of foliage, and the
sun’s rays just beginning to shine through the branches.
I turned my music off and let the sound of birds chirping
And stones crunching under my feet be my soundtrack.
I walked down the path where intermittent
Sounds of water over rock stoked my soul
With the energy of Mother Nature.
Squirrels scurried about,
rustling leaves and leaping over logs,
Clearly enjoying their home as much as I was.
I walked over a bridge to be met by a woman.
We both looked down into the water and
She exclaimed, “Look, a turtle!”
and I saw the little fella swimming away,
clearly enjoying his home as much as I was.
I emerged from the trail to the view of a
Magnificent lake, the sun shining into my eyes.
I took a deep breath and was met with the smell
Of water I knew from childhood visits to
Lake Michigan, and I sighed.
Remembering good times with family,
Rolling up the legs of our pants
to wade out into the giant lake,
which extended as far the eye could see.
It was then that I became overwhelmed by it all.
Tears sprang to my eyes as I realized how much
Mother Nature had given me this morning.
She delighted my senses,
brought me unending happiness,
And filled my soul with much needed love.
Tears stream down my face as I write,
Still affected by her glory and grace.
Thank you, Mother Nature, for turning
An ordinary morning into something extraordinary.
Gratitude is the only gift I have to give,
And I give it to you from the bottom of my heart.

As I walked off the trail I turned back to read the posted sign:

“Enjoy, Don’t Destroy!”

“Enjoy”?  That was quite an understatement!  “Don’t Destroy”?  I could not even imagine.

I find that sign’s message to be an excellent prescription for Earth Day, don’t you?  I hope you find it in your heart to give gratitude to Mother Nature this Earth Day, and fight to protect her unconditional love.


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