I was going to write about what it’s like not being a Mother on Mother’s Day, but that sounded kind of like a bummer, and it is Friday and I wanted to write something positive.  Now I am childless by choice, but for the last 14+ years I have been a dog or cat mom.  This year is the first with no pets in the house in a LONG time.  So with no human children and no pet children, to what could I be a mom.  As I was doing some cleaning in the living room, I came upon this:

Then it hit me–I am a plant momma!  I bought the seed kits on a whim from Target from the Dollar Spot.  I can’t recall ever growing anything from seed, and I thought I would give it a try.  In the picture you can see the basil and cilantro coming up, and I am waiting (not so patiently now) for the rosemary to arrive.  That whim has given me great pride as I see the herbs coming to life from just wee little seeds.

Lately I find myself tending to my houseplants and outdoor plants often–picking the dead flowers off my pansies, repotting my bromeliad, separating my aloe vera,  and I have even found myself talking to my plants.  If this sounds weird, think about your pets or maybe even babies – we talk to them and they don’t say much back do they?  But they are very much in tune with our voice, and respond to our words – why should plants be any different?  They are beings comprised of energy just like you and me and our animal friends.

While I am somewhat surprised at the notion of being a plant momma, I really shouldn’t be.  I have a bunch of houseplants.  I have made a point of moving all my outdoor flowers so I can see them from the inside.  I have been immersed for a few weeks in my Intuitive Plant Medicine class, shortly after taking an Herbal Medicine Making class.  I have been drawn to spending more time at the local park, marveling at the wonders of flora and fauna.  It seems Mother Nature has stepped in to help me be a mom.

How funny that this should happen now, the first year that I felt I was a mom to nothing.  Or is it?  Here I was feeling down about not being a mom, and the universe answered.  It sent me out into the yard this morning to do some weeding and lay down more pine mulch, where I had the opportunity to interact with my plants and give them words of praise for looking so healthy and let them know that the weed preventer I was putting down would not harm them.  The universe set me on the path, and it brought it to a beautiful head by presenting the little babies in the buckets.   I am so grateful.

I hope you have a wonderful and happy Mother’s Day.  I will be surrounded by all my “kids” who give me unending joy and who I love dearly.  I will also call my mom to express my love for her and thank her for passing on her green thumb –from one mom to another.


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