Discovering your True Self and Oneness

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We are one.  That theme keeps coming up for me lately in a variety of ways.  I have always felt a connection to the Earth through my love of stones and gardening.  My connection to nature was reinforced during my Shamanism workshops, and now through my intuitive plant medicine class.  And finally, I have been reading about Mikao Usui, the recognized founder of Reiki and his original teachings as interpreted by the International House of Reiki co-founder Frans Stiene in books such as The Inner Heart of Reiki and The Reiki Sourcebook.  All of these collectively not only connected me to nature,  but also to my true self.

I guess this theme has been developing for a while, as I started writing about nature and it’s amazing effect on me (To Me, Every Day is Earth Day).  My thoughts turned inward, and I wrote about feeling “less than” in A Crisis of Feeling “I’m Not Enough”, discovering that nature has long been my remedy when I feel that way.  That got me thinking about realizing who we truly are in blogs such as Called to Share the Truths of Who We Are and How Well Do You Know You?.  All of this has led me to the revelation that we are One.  

What does this mean to me?  This means that we have a connection to Mother Earth and all of her residents, living and non-living.  This means we have more in common as human beings than differences.  It means the more each of us realize our true selves and our oneness, the better our world can be.  And these are just the first three that come to mind, I am sure there is more!

I stumbled on this Ted talk by actress Thandie Newton which brings all these themes together quite beautifully.  She discusses feeling “less than” as a mixed race child, our definitions of Self, and how we can overcome those definitions to find peace and unity.  I believe the universe brought this talk to my attention as it goes directly to the heart of my recent experiences in an easy to watch and learn way.  Therefore I thought I would share this 14 minutes of wonder with you as well.

I ask you to take note of how you feel about yourself before you watch it, and notice any differences after viewing.  I experienced a subtle shift in my consciousness, and I believe you will too.  Enjoy!



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