A Truly Innovative Community Garden

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I am just a wee bit giddy about my little garden.  It has been a LONG time since I have grown anything I could potentially eat.  For years I have maintained gardens of plants and flowers, but not vegetables.  This year I decided to step gingerly into the world of vegetable gardening by buying a standing raised bed and planting a salsa garden.  Peppers, tomatoes, cilantro and onions are all cozy in their little bed.  I talk to them and tend to them just like all my other kids, I mean plants.  If this goes well, then perhaps I will expand my garden by putting in a larger raised bed in the back yard and get real serious about planting a bigger garden.

I don’t quite know why I haven’t done it up to this point.  I remember fondly picking raspberries off my the plants at my great-grandma’s house, and to this day if I have fresh raspberries on vanilla ice cream it takes me back.  I also remember my parents’ garden.  Going out to check to see what was ripe, what we could pick and eat.   I did not like tomatoes as a kid, so I left those to my folks.  However I heartily ate all the cukes they harvested.  Such fond memories of knowing where my food came from and the absolute freshness that was beyond compare.  Hopefully I can rediscover that with my own little garden.



Now I know many people out there who treat vegetable gardening like religion.   I have a friend who converted her entire backyard into a garden.  I see other’s beautiful gardens through my Intuitive Plant Medicine class.  And I have several local farms “liked” on Facebook, as well as farmer’s markets.  But what if it went even further?  What if the town you lived in literally had food planted within it and around it?  That is the story I found in this Ted talk by Pam Warhurst.  She lived in a small town in England, and they literally transformed it by not only planting within the town, but bringing it to the schools and educating kids as well as improving the local businesses.  It is really quite amazing and inspiring.  And the good news it is spreading across the world.

If you are an avid gardener, or you just enjoy fresh food and fresh ideas, this video will entertain and get you thinking.  Have a great weekend and support your local farmers!


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