Am I doing this right?  I keep asking myself this question during my Intuitive Plant Medicine class, and I am not alone.  We have had several conference calls, and I keep hearing my own words echoed by others.  The funny thing is that the current topic we are studying, Flower Essences, really has no rules.  In fact our instructor, Asia Suler, provides some guidelines then tells us point blank to crumple them up and throw them away.  As long as we have heart centered intentions in making our flower essences, they will be “right”.

But I think most of us like rules and guidelines because then a positive outcome is almost guaranteed, right?  And we want the “right” result now.  We don’t want to fail.  We don’t want to have to slog through trying something new and having it not work and throwing it out.  However, I am slowly learning that the process of trial and error has its own beauty and benefit.  That if I want to try something completely whack, and it doesn’t work, I learn from it.  I try again.  I experiment, I listen to my intuition, I trust that through the process the outcome will be what I intended.  And that is the only thing I need to make it “right”.

Somewhere along the way we lost our ability to trust ourselves, and that involves being OK with failure sometimes.  It’s called learning.  We need to find our confidence, set our intentions, and go for it.   The infographic below from provides good information about confidence and how we can develop in it ourselves and others.

So if you see me standing like Wonder Woman next to a bowl of water with flowers floating in it, you will know exactly what I am doing!


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