I’m Back in Time for the Solar Eclipse!

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After a six week hiatus, I am happy to be back blogging.  I will have insight into my time away, as well as what I learned on vacation and where I am headed for the rest of this year in future blogs.  But first I have to discuss the eclipse.

I’m sure you have heard all about it by now, but the solar eclipse provides us a wonderful time to close the book on things that no longer serve us, and bring forth a new self full of purpose and inspiration.  In the midst of getting your eclipse glasses and perhaps planning a trip to witness the eclipse, I have a few recommendations for preparing your spirit for the eclipse:

  1. Spend some time in silence – quieting the mind allows you to be more receptive to the energy around you at this time, and allows you to hear any important messages that may be given to you.
  2. Create a simple ritual to honor the eclipse and nature in general – the sun and moon are obviously part of nature, but they have power over our Mother Earth that we cannot live without.  We need the sun to warm the dirt for our food to grow and the moon to affect the tides, just to name a few.  The ritual could include gathering natural things from your own backyard and arranging them in a way that resonates with you.  Or you could visit a park or water feature and bless all that is around you with gratitude.  Or buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers to remind you of the earth’s gifts.  The sky is the limit!
  3. Set an intention – the eclipse is a powerful time to set intentions for yourself.  For me, intentions need to be positive, with results that go beyond just me and posed as a question.  For example, I may set an intention such as “How can I bring more harmony to my community?”  There are many ways to answer it, and the community in question could be your literal neighborhood or town, or it could be your family or group of friends.  Do whatever feels right for you in this moment and time.
  4. Create a memento of the occasion – not only is it fun to be creative, but each time you look upon your creation you will be reminded of the eclipse, your connection to nature, and your intentions.  Place your creation where you can see it daily, such as next to your bed or on your desk.  A beautiful reminder of an important time in our lives.

So there you have it–four simple ways to prepare your spirit for the solar eclipse.  If you need more inspiration to prepare for the eclipse, check out NASA’s website for some great facts about this particular eclipse, the history of eclipses and common misconceptions.

If you would like a real treat, check out this video from The Shift Network featuring don Oscar Miro-Quesada, “a Peruvian curandero (healer) and world-renowned shamanism teacher.”  He provides some insight from a shamanic perspective as well as provides an Alignment practice that gave me goosebumps!

It is good to be back.  To be honest, I was waffling about continuing my blog, but I think the solar eclipse energy has answered my questions about it with a resounding YES.

Spend some time in ceremony with the eclipse, and let the magic happen!

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