I am wrapping up my three year career at my current company – Friday is my last day.  It will be the end of over 25 years in the financial services industry.  It is a weird feeling to leave this world I am so familiar with and called home for so long.  Of course the knowledge and experiences will be mine forever, but there is still a sense of disbelief that I actually made this happen.  I chose to close this chapter in my book of life and start a new one.  Wow.

As part of the transition, my life coach, Lauralee Alben, suggested I write a poem and create an art piece to commemorate the occasion of this new beginning.   She encouraged me to write poetry several years ago, and when I read my poems of the past, they reflect monumental periods in my life.  They bring a vividness and realness to what I was doing, and more importantly, what I was feeling, at those times.  It made complete sense to capture this moment in my life for all time.

Most of my earlier poetry was born from negative experiences, a way to express myself in times of despair.  This occasion provided an opportunity to do a celebratory poem, which I tend to find more difficult–but not this time.  The words flowed effortlessly, as if they couldn’t wait to land on the page.  It was just another confirmation in a series of events that I made the right choice.  It brings me a sense of comfort and confidence that this path is meant to be.

Freed to be Me

Out of complete despair and misery,

A space was made to soothe me.

Over the past few years I did my best,

Knowing that it was a period of rest.

But the rumblings of something new,

Were hard to ignore, and they grew.

I traveled to get messages clear,

And listened to the voices in my ear.

Time to get focused, set my aim high,

The call was here, I couldn’t deny.

I put in the work to make the new start,

That I knew was right, deep in my heart.

New people in my life, new things to do,

My nature is THE Nature, it is true.

So, I wake up refreshed,

From my period of rest,

To go back to where I belong.

I wanted to create an art piece that represented the vibrant colors of nature.  As flow art is my current medium for creating art, it seemed a natural choice.  In flow art you pick the colors and combine them in a certain way, but how they will flow onto the canvas is a complete mystery.  And I am a fan of mystery.

There is a sense of awe when you release the paint and watch it choose its own path.  The fact that the piece is still evolving, as some of the paint doesn’t look quite dry yet, resonates with me.  The new chapter of my life began with choosing a path, includes awe and mystery, and is not done yet.  A beautiful summary of where I am right now.


I felt called to share my poem and art piece with the world, as a token of gratitude and celebration of new beginnings.  Thanks to all the people that I encountered in the financial services chapter of my life–you helped me evolve into the person I am today.  Some of them continue to be influential in my life as I embark on this new journey, and for that I am extremely grateful.  I look forward to sharing the twists and turns of my new path with you, my dear readers.  Thanks for riding along!  To New Beginnings!

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