“I had a remote Reiki session with Julie. I feel it really helped me in calming my mind and helping me focus. (I’m actually surprised just how much it has helped!) I am also impressed with her observations that she shared with me. It was a worthwhile experience!”
-Susan R., College Instructor, age 40-49, Wauwatosa, WI

“So I wanted to share my Reiki experience. When Julie first suggested a session, I thought getting powers from the universe seemed rather hokey. After the physical reaction I had and her spot-on insight into my chakras, all I can say is I was intrigued and wanted to learn more. I even checked out a book on Reiki from the library. As an example, I am very low energy, which she read from my shoulders…It is well worth your time to check out Julie’s website, or schedule a session.”
-Lynn S., Senior Data Specialist, age 40-49, West Chester, OH 

“Julie was fantastic before, during and after my session with her.  She is a great listener and very intuitive to what your mind and body needs.  Her follow up was spot on, informative, and had great suggestions for follow up.”
-Kimberli E, X-Ray/CT Technician, age 50-59, Cincinnati, OH

“I had an amazing Reiki session with Julie!  I highly recommend her!!”
-Ann D., President, Deeper Leadership Institute and Leadership Coaching Consultant,
age 50-56, Cincinnati, OH